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About Us

Our story so far.

morethecoffeeshopfrontMore Than Coffee & Chocolate Shop was established in 1999. We initially opened the shop with the intention of selling chocolate, coffee, tea and fine confectionery but gradually, demand for hot drinks grew and so we opened the Coffee Bar in the rear of the shop. More Than Coffee & Chocolate Shop partners, Sarah & John, started to create a successful business that catered for the people of Fleet in Hampshire and surrounding areas. More Than Coffee also started to supply commercially to businesses that required bespoke chocolate boxes, corporate orders and freshly roasted coffee for filter and espresso machines; in particular to restaurants, hotels and offices.

In 2000 we saw the launch of our first website which had a small selection of the offerings from the shop and gradually over the next few years, we expanded the site to further reflect a fuller range of products.

The Shop
If you are ever local to Fleet ,which is located just off junction 4a of the M3, please pop in to the shop which is located in the centre of Fleet’s lovely and thriving High Street. There you will be able to sample some of our range and enjoy the super sized cappuccino or delicious Gourmet Hot Chocolate imported from America, served under marshmallows, topped with freshly whipped cream and dusted with cocoa powder.

There you will be able to sample some of our range and enjoy the super sized cappuccino or delicious Gourmet Hot Chocolate imported from America, served under marshmallows, topped with freshly whipped cream and dusted with cocoa powder.

coffeemachinepicA large feature of the original shop was situated in the corner. With ducting sprouting out of the rear and disappearing off into the ceiling, our Samiac 7 kilo roaster keeps us in freshly roasted coffee and fills the high street with the sweet fragrance and wafting smoke from the coffee beans. Since opening the coffee bar, we have restricted our roasting times to “after hours” although we often start late in the afternoon. This is due to the heat generated and the smoke of the roasted coffee which is not to everyone’s liking….

May 2006; the shop had a refit and change in colour scheme, oh and we introduced the best ice cream we have ever tried from the Isle of Wight – Minghella’s!

NEW! Watch a video clip of how we make our freshly roasted coffee>


Fresh Coffee
Freshly roasted coffee is our speciality, with a diverse range of coffee beans from different coffee growing regions we roast coffee and grind it to order. This allows us to blend bespoke coffees for our commercial customers (restaurants, coffee bars and sports associations) and personalise a label on the front for them. Coffees that we sell but do not roast include the Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Kona which are imported direct from the countries of origin in a sealed bag packaged up in a cloth bag.

For those of you that like a touch of extra flavour to your coffee such as Amaretto or vanilla, then we have flavoured syrups to ‘spice’ up your coffee. We also have Boaters flavoured coffee in both whole bean and pre-ground packs – again, if you cannot find something particular that you are looking for then drop us an email or give us a ring and we will try to help you. Our shop contains numerous items that have not made their way on to the website yet.

Specialist Teas
We have a small selection of loose leaf teas. Here you will find everything from Assam to Zariza Samovar but again as always, if you want a particular leaf from a certain region let us know as we may stock it and can certainly try to get hold of it for you. If you ever want to buy a bulk amount of either teas or coffees, then let us know and we will give you a price.

Neuhaus chocolate cabinet
cheesysarahChocolates are supplied by the Belgian chocolate house, Neuhaus, who handmake the finest chocolates we have ever had the joy to taste. From pralines to fresh cream chocolates and Champagne truffles our showcase are presented in a Neuhaus Chocolate cabinet and imported frequently from Belgium. Our favourites include Manon Sucre Cafe, Tentation and Caprice although I would not like to narrow the best down to just three with so many to choose from! We also stock the award winning dairy wheat and gluten free chocolates from Booja Booja.

Mr Jelly Belly, who visited us a few summers ago, represents the most incredible gourmet jelly beans that you will ever taste; often imitated but never replicated. When they say it tastes of Sizzling Cinnamon or Watermelon it truly does! Jelly Bellies are smaller, softer and brighter, with true to life mouth-watering flavours in both the centre and the shell. Jelly Belly use natural ingredients for flavouring wherever possible – like real fruit and fruit juices. There are just 4 calories in a Jelly Belly Jelly Bean and zero fat. Mochaccinos Coffee & Chocolate Shop sells loose Jelly Beans, Jelly Belly Gumball Machines and a range of related gift ideas. With over 49 flavours, there is a flavour for everyone even if it means using one of their recipes to concoct a mixture of Jelly Beans with an alternate result such as 2 blueberry beans and one buttered popcorn to make the taste of a Blueberry Muffin.

Mochaccinos will take you back to your school days with its range of traditional boiled sweets. Do you remember Cough Candy, Sherbet Lemons, Strawberry Bon Bons, Kola Kubes, Aniseed Balls and various other boiled confectionery that were purchased with your pocket money (or in our case, lunch pennies) on the way to school ? Buy them now from us to re-live those childhood tastes and memories.

Helium Gift Balloons
Helium balloons can be sent by Mochaccinos in a wonderful box as a surprise for your favourite friends and family. Once inflated, the balloon is placed in the decorated box with a box of chocolates, party poppers, streamers and decorations. It is then posted on a next day delivery to anywhere in the United Kingdom with a personalised message from you; so don’t forget to include your message when going through the payment stages of the secure shopping cart.

The Best Espresso Machines
Finally, we bring to you the best espresso machines on the market. Regardless of your budget, the machines that you will find here are fully capable of fulfilling your requirements: good pump pressure, large water tanks, espresso after espresso. The Briel Espresso machine is at that starting level with machines starting at £100, followed by Italian made La Pavoni for pump & lever machines and then the top end fully automatic Bean to Cup Swiss made Jura. For help or advice on your machine choice, simply email or phone us with your budget and requirements and we will endeavour to help.

We welcome you to come and enjoy the friendly atmosphere in our informal surroundings – with our comfy seating in the corner. If the distance between your home and our shop is too great, then peruse our shop through the Website and feel free to contact us if you need something specific or want something special. We are happy to help you in any way that we can.

In 2009, Mochaccinos moved into the nearby Hart Shopping Centre where it occupied for 3 years. It was at this time that the Website domain was used as the business name – More Than Coffee – as people always had difficulties spelling and pronouncing Mochaccinos. With the new location also came a change to the shop structure; the chocolates went, ice cream changed and more emphasis was placed upon the coffee bar.

Then in 2012 came what is hopefully our last move when we left our smaller unit (approx 22 cover) to move and expand into our new larger and present location (approx 70 covers) still in the Hart Shopping Centre. We traded in the Hart Shopping Centre for 5 years until our lease finally came to an end in April 2017 and it was at this time, we decided to call it a day on running coffee bars after 17 years.  Going from the very busy thriving coffee bar back to our origins of just grinding and packing the coffee has been a vast contrast and we hope that our customers stick with us and continue to enjoy having our Fresh Origin Coffee, Teapigs tea bags and Flavoured Coffee. We are also looking at expanding the range of machines and other aspects of the Website as time goes by.

Best wishes

The More Than Coffee Team