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Platinum House Blend Coffee Beans
Platinum Blend Beans

Platinum House Blend Coffee Beans

From: £4.21


Platinum House Blend Coffee Beans

Platinum House Blend Coffee Beans; is a dark roast coffee, strong, slightly bitter, but sweet in flavour – similar to Hawaiian Kona in taste.

This blend was especially created for Espresso based drinks and was used in our Mochaccinos Coffee Bar and is now used in the More Than Coffee bar. Our secret blend of particular origin beans are roasted to a medium high roast and released into the cooling pan just as the oils start to show, but before the coffee darkens too much.  However, many of our customers also use it for filter and cafetiere and love it for its fuller stronger flavour!

Platinum Blend Beans

Platinum Blend Beans

Having discovered this coffee for themselves, many commercial companies buy this from us for use in offices and catering establishments giving us a high turnover of coffee and thus ensuring regular roasting and the freshest coffee; always shipped within two weeks of roasting.


Grind Aeropress 2.25, Cafetiere 5.5, Espresso 3, Filter 3.5, Percolator, Turkish, Whole Bean
Weight 1kg, 250g, 500g


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