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Nicaraguan Coffee Beans 6 kilo Bulk Option

Old Java Coffee Beans

From: £4.47


Old Java Coffee Beans

A strong and full bodied Indian coffee, slightly smoky but not bitter.  Suitable for after dinner; Filter, espresso or cafetiere.  A lovely, and another favourite coffee.

The ageing process was discovered in the 16th century when the Dutch introduced the coffee to the volcanic island of Java in Indonesia. Spice ships carried their cargo back to Europe and the raw Java Coffee beans would be stored away in the hold to act as ballast. After several months at sea, the coffee had become robust, full-bodied and tempered by the wood.  This produced an exceptional earthy flavour with a hint of sweetness and smokey tones which once roasted, give a rich full bodied flavour!

Country of origin – The Island of Java in Indonesia.

Grind Aeropress 2.25, Cafetiere 5.5, Espresso 3, Filter 3.5, Green Bean, Percolator, Turkish, Whole Bean
Weight 1kg, 250g, 500g


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