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Death by Chocolate Flavoured Decaffeinated Coffee Beans
French Vanilla Flavoured Coffee Beans

Double Chocolate Flavoured Coffee – DECAFFEINATED

From: £4.85


Double Death by Chocolate Flavoured Coffee – DECAFFEINATED

The decaffeination process uses a swiss water process, thus avoiding the introduction of chemicals that other methods use. This leaves a purer coffee with all the flavour but none of the caffeine.

So smooth, so chocolatey, so very naughty but without the caffeine!

Your order can be ground to your preferred method of brewing!

A little about our beans…

We use a medium roast Decaffeinated Colombian bean for a great medium coffee. The coffee will complement the drink but not overpower the flavour.

It’s all about balancing the flavours to enhance the overall experience.

Weight 1kg, 250g, 500g
Grind Aeropress 2.25, Cafetiere 5.5, Espresso 3, Filter 3.5, Percolator, Turkish, Whole Bean


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