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Callebaut DARK Chocolate Chips

Callebaut DARK Chocolate Chips

From: £12.99


Callebaut DARK Chocolate Chips

Callebaut DARK Chocolate Chips are from Belgium.

Finest Belgian Chocolate
circa 54% Min Cocoa Solids
From roasted whole cocoa beans.
Callebaut is officially the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer and the most popular chocolate brand for many chocolatiers.
Barry Callebaut chocolate is known for its consistency and easy workability from tempering to enrobing.
Of course, it is also excellent for chocolate fountains or simply munching upon.
Callebaut are world renowned leaders in technical innovations for chocolate products and provide high quality chocolate.
The callets are made from only 100% cocoa butter and Bourbon vanilla.
  • Callebaut DARK Chocolate Chips are without bitterness due to a lower cocoa content.
  • These dark chocolate chips are perfect for chocolate fountains, cakes, desserts, baking, decoration, chocolate fondues.


Weight 1kg, 2.5kg


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